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Special materials for brazing and welding

We supply a wide range of materials for brazing and welding, such as brazing and welding rods, electrodes, wires, welding rings, washers, powders, pastes, preformed parts and other special materials.

Our main partners are the manufacturers of the automotive, refrigeration and heating industry..

Chemicals for surface treatment

This product range includes degreasers, deoxygenating agents, activators, passivating agents and cleaners.

Machinery and equipment for brazing, mainly furnaces, tube bending machines, industrial washing machines and parts

a great variety of furnaces, brazing furnaces, chamber furnace, tempering furnaces, pit furnaces and special construction typologies such as pushers, rotary furnaces

tube bending and tube forming machines and CNC centres for the same purpose

radiant tubes, muffles of high nickel based alloys and other parts for heat treatment furnaces, high pressure vessels and heat exchangers

conveyor belt