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A new direction in the economy, which can be emphasized until 2030
SMEs committed to increasing efficiency and improving competitiveness make up the Magyar Metál Fémipari Klaszter. We looked at how this type of sectoral collaboration works when the government adopted Hungary’s Cluster Development Strategy until 2030 at the end of last year.


The important suppliers do not see the future in the electric car either
Katalin Hegedűs, the owner of Neweld Kft., who believes that, as an automotive supplier, there are not only infrastructural obstacles to the sale of only electric cars in a good ten years, she would not wish on her worst enemy to negotiate a price with an American multinational company.

Magyar Üzleti Világ

“My dream is coming true: I’m going to start manufacturing”
interview with the managing director of NeWeld Kft., Katalin Hegedűs