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Office: 1037 Budapest, Csillaghegyi út 19-21.

Plant: 3078 Bátonyterenye , Köztársaság út 18.


Commercial Materials

Industrial Brazing

Brazing Materials

You will find a wide selection of brazing metal components and filler materials at us: brazing rods, wires, rings and washers; also metal powders, pastes, fluxes and other special materials. Our main partners are from the automotive- and equipment manufacturing industries.

Chemical Materials

Surface treatment

We offer degreasers, oxide removers, activators, passivating and etching materials.

Metal parts washing machines, bending machines, brazing furnaces

Industrial washing- and manufacturing machines

We sell and maintain the world’s most innovative metal parts cleaning machines. Also we provide all type of furnaces to your need: for brazing or heat treatment; with conveyor belt and rotary furnaces, too.

Our company is the official representative of the following brands:


IFP is a manufacturer of modified, alcohol-based and hybrid industrial washing machines.

Sabe Forni

Industrial furnaces and furnace parts.


Furnace tunnel.


Conveyor belts.

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